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Head and Neck CancerMore than 55,000 Americans will develop cancer of the head or neck this year, with almost 13,000 of them dying because of it. But did you know that most head and neck cancers are completely preventable?

At Northwest ENT & Allergy Care PC, patients with alarming ear, neck, throat, and general head symptoms can find answers to their lingering health concerns, as the ENT doctors on site make it their mission to provide long-lasting care. Of course, even these experts would rather help prevent head and neck cancers than have to overcome them-- because of this, they offer helpful tips and guidelines that equip patients to take a more preventive approach.

First, take a look at some telling signs that you may be battling head or neck cancer below:

  • Lump in your neck. Head or neck cancers often begin in the lymph nodes, so take heed and contact your physician immediately if you notice a lump in your neck lasting for more than two weeks.
  • Change in your voice. Cancer of the larynx can elicit alterations in how your voice sounds. If this is the case, see a head and neck specialist immediately who specializes in vocal cord examinations.
  • Growth in your mouth. Oral and tongue cancers can be characterized by sore or swollen areas that persist. Speak with an ENT doctor about these lingering symptoms.
  • Blood in your spit. If you see blood in your saliva, set an appointment with your physician immediately.
  • Difficulty swallowing. Esophageal cancers can make swallowing a real chore; if swallowing is becoming laborious for you, speak with an ENT physician pronto.
  • Skin changes. Basal skin cell cancer is the most common cancer affecting the head and neck though it can be treated successfully when caught quickly.
  • Residual earache. Experiencing ear pain when you swallow could indicate a tumor growth in your throat; speak with your physician immediately if such ear pain arises.

Preventing Head And Neck Cancers

Did you know that most cases of head and neck cancers stem from the extended use of tobacco and/or alcohol products? Oral, esophageal, and tongue cancers are all common results among patients who've abused tobacco or alcohol for a long time. In fact, patients who don't routinely smoke or drink rarely experience head or neck cancers. In the case of basal and other skin cancers of the head and neck, staying out in the sun unprotected for long periods has been found to have a direct link to incurring skin cancer.

Even if you've previously abused tobacco or alcohol or been out in the sun without sunscreen, it's never too late to begin preventing head and neck cancers. Fortunately, these cancers have a high rate of remission when they're caught early.

To learn more about preventing head and neck cancers, give Northwest ENT & Allergy Care PC a call at (503) 513-8693 for lasting answers right here in Milwaukie, OR!

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